Linux is an operating system and can be installaed on any personal computer

Therefore Linux is an alternative to Windows e MacOS.

Linux is an open system, not proprietary, supported by a wide community, it is immune to the ordinary viruses and last not least it is free of charge. You can find it as a "distribution" which takes the name from the organization that makes the packaging (e.g. Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse etc...).

...bring transparency and luminosity to your computer

Windows is a proprietary system: the source code is not known and therefore is not verifiable. This means that features designed exclusively for the purposes of its manufacturer Microsoft and to the detriment of its user can be inserted within it. For this reason the system exudes a certain opacity and darkness. In contrast, Linux has source code published, written, and maintained by the community. Therefore you can recognize the qualities of transparency and brightness.

Linux brings enormous benefits to its user. To give an idea by using Linux you don't need neither to buy an antivirus nor to make the expensive cleaning of the personal computer, typical in the Windows environment, to solve the performace degradation that occurs over time. Furthermore, "open source" software is usually more powerful, with more features, than proprietary "close source".
Now, the Linux installation is not commercially supported by the hardware manufacturers yet, although there start to be a few exceptions.

De facto the hardware manufacturers impose Windows on the personal computer by pre - installing it as it was the only option available and not giving the customer the possibility to choose.The lack of information is one of the reasons behind this commercial abuse that maybe it's time to question.

Some manufacturers started in the last years to sell some of the personal computers in their range without Windows. Some of these personal computers have a pre-installed operating sistem called freedos.

If you want to change and use Linux on your computer I can install and configure it. And if you need I can give you an introductive course on it. These are the prices:

  • nstallation and basic configuration (email, browser) € 90
  • data transfer (music, photos, documents, etc.) € 40
  • mini introductory course € 20 (anche on line)
If it is not possible to bring me your computer because of the distance or other reasons, I can also intervene at home. Alternatively:

  • you can ship me your hard drive
  • I can ship you on a hard drive with Linux installed on it
In both cases you may need local technical assistance to use it on your pc.

Contact me for having Linux on your pc.